Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rant about dreams and persuasion

Recently I have had an opportunity to revisit some of my dreams from the past, those I have had and kept sacred for a while, those I abandoned at their infancy, those that are on the rise today. Suddenly a realization came that for a while no new dreams have appeared - besides the normal, the expected for this stage of life (travel the world, make sure kids are happy and successful). Looking back I see some shattered dreams for changing the world, reestablishing life and priorities, radically changing everything that have been left to relinquish and die somewhere there in the dusty corners of my past.

So this is a small piece of rant for you, dear reader, dare to change your life, to reestablish yourself and pursue your wildest dreams while you have the option and the ability to do that. The day will come and life will take it's toll with the obligations, routines and dependencies making it no longer feasible and eventually impossible.

I am still keeping my checklist of dreams, bucket list of projects but the few big ones I dearly missed today are to late to attempt. LIVE your life and TAKE chance on that wild dream of yours, I dare you!


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