Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GHC here I come!

Having 16 m/o Ella on my lap for 4 hours in the air made me question the decision for bringing my family to the conference more than once. She was a trooper for the most part, just couldn't sleep and kept climbing all over us (sometimes over the stranger sitting next to me to). The flight didn't have any open seats to have her on a separate seat. My 6'3" husband has enough trouble fitting himself in the economy class seats which seem to keep shrinking every year, to be able to hold Ella for the duration of the flight. Although he shared both holding the screaming child and complaining about the decision to come to Houston with me.

The car rental experience and the hotel check in went well, we have a room that has a pool patio (I hope to get a chance to use it). The only hiccup was the booking agency calling me minutes before the flight and saying that the hotel is going to cancel my reservation since the credit card had expired. Texas has a promising food scene, which we got a chance to sample last night and I am planning to be enjoying for the rest of the trip.

The keynote is just in an hour, so it is time to get ready and out there! I am really excited about the conference and the people I will get a chance to meet here, yet a little skeptical about the size of it! 12000 attendees. There is no typo, that is twelve thousand!!

Google sent about 1500 people, Apple about 300, and Microsoft about 800. Becides all the corporate representations I hope smaller companies and independent techies from the industry got a chance to come in. Wish you a good day, and it's time now to get ready an out there!

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