Sunday, May 17, 2015

Microsoft girl going to Google I/O

Wow, it has been over a year since my last post. I hereby promise to post *much* more frequently. My life has changed dramatically in this time, and I constantly felt the need to blog about so many things, the difficulty of choosing the most pressing topic to write about and the time to write about them. In one sentence summary of the changes: today I am proud mom of 11 moths old Ella, trying my best to best split my time between my family and the job I love – building things and breaking things.

Now focusing on my upcoming trip to Google I/O... 
I have been a Microsoft girl for a very long time. Even when I complained about not planning to use Visual Studio few years ago, I ended up going back to it (I know), and building the test infrastructure and automation frameworks of Netflix on Windows phone 8.1 in C#. In the last few months I am focused on building test framework (from scratch again!) for Netflix app on Windows X coming this summer. Since Microsoft is changing directions, and the native apps don't have to be written in .Net anymore, and they also promise easy conversion from Apple and Android apps to Windows, it is tempting to forgo .Net. That is what I am doing and using Javascript and Node for building the framework. In this world I switched away from Visual Studio to Sublime. Have to admit, I miss the debugging utilities of VS.

Back to my excitement, Google I/O ( is one of the most popular developer conferences, that gets sold out in minutes and offered a lottery system this year to buy tickets. A group I am member of, offered me to participate last month. Of course I said yes. I am going to learn a ton about Google products, GO language and maybe their approaches on large scale deployments and designing automation frameworks. Coming up June 28-29, in San Francisco. Any topics or sessions that you think is not to be missed?

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